A New Weave of Power, People, and Politics
The Action Guide for Advocacy and Citizen Participation

Paper: 978 1 85339 644 1
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Publisher: Practical Action
360 pp., 8 1/2" x 11 3/4"
· A practical handbook for activists, grassroots, and advocacy groups
· Covers constituency building and the theory behind the practice
· “a significant contribution to the growing international literature on citizen participation and advocacy A New Weave has been needed for a long time.”—John Gaventa, Institute of Development Studies.

This book breaks down the boxes separating human rights, rule of law, development, and governance, and creates an integrated approach to rights-based political empowerment. It combines concrete and practical action 'steps' with a sound theoretical foundation to help users understand the process of advocacy planning and implementation.

Building on the authors' fifty years of combined experiences in advocacy, gender, human rights, education, and social change, this “action guide” gathers insights from across the world—including community development, legal rights education, and campaign advocacy. It includes a special training and capacity-building appendix that provides workshop and planning ideas for different users and needs.

Table of Contents:
Acknowledgements; Foreword; Introduction; PART ONE: UNDERSTANDING POLITICS: Chapter 1: Politics and Advocacy; Chapter 2: Democracy and Citizenship; Chapter 3: Power and Empowerment; Chapter 4: Constructing Empowering Strategies; PART TWO: PLANNING ADVOCACY: Chapter 5: The Basics of Planning for Citizen-Centered Advocacy; Chapter 6: Planning Moment #1 - Looking Inward; Chapter 7: Planning Moment #2 - Understanding the Big Picture; Chapter 8: Planning Moment #3 - Identifying and Defining Problems; Chapter 9: Planning Moment #4 - Analyzing Problems & Selecting Priority Issues; Chapter 10: Planning Moment #5 - Mapping Advocacy Strategies; Chapter 11: Finding Policy Hooks and Political Angles; Chapter 12: Forces, Friends, and Foes; PART THREE: DOING ADVOCACY: Chapter 13: Messages and Media - Educating and Persuading; Chapter 14: Outreach and Mobilization; Chapter 15: Maneuvering on the Inside: Lobbying and Negotiating; Chapter 16: Advocacy Leadership; Chapter 17: Alliances and Coalitions; ANNEXES: Annex 1: Additional Tips for Planners and Trainers; Annex 2: Understanding Power; Annex 3: Bibliography

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